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17 Oct 201410:33Holding(s) in Company
03 Oct 201416:15Publication of Prospectus
01 Oct 201407:00Agreement of Refinancing Terms
30 Sep 201415:48Stabilisation Notice Enterprise gbp 7year
30 Sep 201413:15Indicative Final Acceptance Amount
30 Sep 201408:45Indicative Results of Tender Offer
30 Sep 201407:00Holding(s) in Company
26 Sep 201412:31Holding(s) in Company
25 Sep 201408:00minimum new issue yield
24 Sep 201410:31Holding(s) in Company
22 Sep 201409:00Tender Offer and Proposed New Bond Issue
07 Aug 201407:00Interim Management Statement
25 Jul 201415:29Holding(s) in Company
18 Jul 201410:52Holding(s) in Company
19 Jun 201415:28Holding(s) in Company
17 Jun 201415:55Holding(s) in Company
20 May 201412:19Holding(s) in Company
13 May 201407:00Interim Results
28 Apr 201417:31Holding(s) in Company
16 Apr 201411:06Holding(s) in Company

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