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Share Price Summary over the last year

Share Price at 17 April 2013 was 3,342.500p
Share Price at 19 April 2014 is 3068.5p
The shares rose -8.20% over the year.
555000000 shares were traded over the year, an average of 2190000 shares per day.

52 Week High and Low

The 52 week high of 3657p was achieved on the 15 May 2013
The 52 week low of 2661p was achieved on the 5 February 2014

Relative Strength Statistics

1 month relative strength is +9.1%
3 month relative strength is +2.4%
6 month relative strength is -2.8%
1 year relative strength is -16%

The Share Price Monthly Summary Table

The table below aims to provide a snapshot of the share price performance for each month. If one of the months is particularly volatile and you require more detailed information, we suggest that you use the Share Price Details Control Panel below to get the more specific data that you need. The beta volatility figure provided is the standard deviation of all the adjusted prices from the share price mean over any given month.

Share Price Monthly Summary
Month Average price High price Low price Beta Volatility
April 2013 Average 3425.4286p High 3552.50p Low 3342.50p Beta Volatility 56.60p
May 2013 Average 3533.7143p High 3657p Low 3330p Beta Volatility 93.75p
June 2013 Average 3202.4250p High 3360p Low 3011p Beta Volatility 82.14p
July 2013 Average 3213.0217p High 3263.50p Low 3117p Beta Volatility 48.95p
August 2013 Average 3138.5952p High 3284p Low 3039.50p Beta Volatility 69.75p
September 2013 Average 3165.8434p High 3303.50p Low 3060.50p Beta Volatility 69.53p
October 2013 Average 3112p High 3287p Low 2968p Beta Volatility 114.10p
November 2013 Average 3210.2619p High 3268p Low 3153p Beta Volatility 31.21p
December 2013 Average 3044.5750p High 3117p Low 2981.50p Beta Volatility 41.44p
January 2014 Average 2975.1818p High 3094p Low 2740p Beta Volatility 106.30p
February 2014 Average 2792.4750p High 2927p Low 2661p Beta Volatility 75.82p
March 2014 Average 2889.5476p High 3025p Low 2779p Beta Volatility 72.32p
April 2014 Average 3079.4231p High 3132.50p Low 2996p Beta Volatility 46.62p

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