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SABMiller PLC - Holding(s) in Company

RNS Number:5772H
17 February 2003

                                  SCHEDULE 10


1. Name of company

SABMiller plc

2. Name of shareholder having a major interest

Barclays plc

3. Please state whether notification indicates that it is in respect of holding
of the shareholder named in 2 above or in respect of a non-beneficial interest
or in the case of an individual holder if it is a holding of that person's
spouse or children under the age of 18

Notification in respect of party named in 2 above

4. Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more than one holder, the number of
shares held by each of them

See additional information

5. Number of shares / amount of stock acquired


6. Percentage of issued class


7. Number of shares / amount of stock disposed


8. Percentage of issued class


9. Class of security

Ordinary shares of US$0.10 each

10. Date of transaction

Not disclosed. Figures given as at 6 February 2003

11.  Date company informed

Notification received on 14 February 2003

12. Total holding following this notification

29,976,563 ordinary shares

13. Total percentage holding of issued class following this notification

3.00% of issued ordinary share capital

14. Any additional information

Notification was received from Barclays Bank plc, under S198 and 202(3)
Companies Act 1985, of a notifiable interest of
3.00% in the ordinary issued share capital of SABMiller plc, through the legal
entities listed below

Legal Entity                                                            Holding               % Held

Barclays Nikko Global Investors Ltd                                      249,790               0.0250%
Woolwich Life Ltd                                                        312,555               0.0313%
Barclays Bank Trust Company Ltd                                              100               0.0001%
Barclays Global Fund Advisors                                            194,628               0.0195%
Barclays Global Investors Australia Ltd                                  275,882               0.0276%
Barclays Private Bank Ltd                                                  1,100               0.0001%
Barclays Global Investors, N.A.                                        8,310,598               0.8321%
Barclays Life Assurance Co Ltd                                         1,691,754               0.1694%
Barclays Private Bank and Trust Ltd                                        8,089               0.0008%
Barclays Capital Securities Ltd                                        4,025,568               0.4030%
Barclays Global Investors Japan Trust                                    698,167               0.0699%
Barclays Global Investors Ltd                                         14,208,332               1.4225%

15. Name of contact and telephone number for queries

Lorraine Sadkowski  01483 264026

16. Name and signature of authorised company official responsible for making
this notification

Lorraine Sadkowski Company Secretarial Officer

Date of notification

17 February 2003

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1400 17 Feb 03

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