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Share Price Summary over the last year

Share Price at 27 February 2014 was 51,469.000ZAR
Share Price at 28 February 2015 is 66037ZAR
The shares rose 28.30% over the year.
274000000 shares were traded over the year, an average of 1100000 shares per day.

52 Week High and Low

The 52 week high of 66891ZAR was achieved on the 15 September 2014
The 52 week low of 49928ZAR was achieved on the 14 March 2014

The Share Price Monthly Summary Table

The table below aims to provide a snapshot of the share price performance for each month. If one of the months is particularly volatile and you require more detailed information, we suggest that you use the Share Price Details Control Panel below to get the more specific data that you need. The beta volatility figure provided is the standard deviation of all the adjusted prices from the share price mean over any given month.

Share Price Monthly Summary
Month Average price High price Low price Beta Volatility
February 2014 Average 50426ZAR High 52058ZAR Low 48400ZAR Beta Volatility 1062.99ZAR
March 2014 Average 51748.95ZAR High 53031ZAR Low 49928ZAR Beta Volatility 982.61ZAR
April 2014 Average 54569.3684ZAR High 57238ZAR Low 52451ZAR Beta Volatility 1189.56ZAR
May 2014 Average 57030.10ZAR High 58996ZAR Low 55506ZAR Beta Volatility 1001.25ZAR
June 2014 Average 60474.55ZAR High 62736ZAR Low 57505ZAR Beta Volatility 1537.55ZAR
July 2014 Average 60598.4783ZAR High 62621ZAR Low 58450ZAR Beta Volatility 1254.14ZAR
August 2014 Average 57823.8571ZAR High 58940ZAR Low 56175ZAR Beta Volatility 836.32ZAR
September 2014 Average 61959.4286ZAR High 66891ZAR Low 58812ZAR Beta Volatility 2146.61ZAR
October 2014 Average 59492.6087ZAR High 62112ZAR Low 56389ZAR Beta Volatility 1462.69ZAR
November 2014 Average 61498.20ZAR High 63369ZAR Low 59335ZAR Beta Volatility 1139.71ZAR
December 2014 Average 60303.20ZAR High 61644ZAR Low 58028ZAR Beta Volatility 904.05ZAR
January 2015 Average 59195.9524ZAR High 63391ZAR Low 57200ZAR Beta Volatility 1671.23ZAR
February 2015 Average 63377.75ZAR High 66037ZAR Low 60952ZAR Beta Volatility 1568.80ZAR

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