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Share Price Summary over the last year

Share Price at 22 July 2015 was 66,301.000ZAR
Share Price at 25 July 2016 is 83000ZAR
The shares rose 25.19% over the year.
382000000 shares were traded over the year, an average of 1530000 shares per day.

52 Week High and Low

The 52 week high of 99000ZAR was achieved on the 30 May 2016
The 52 week low of 60099ZAR was achieved on the 24 August 2015

The Share Price Monthly Summary Table

The table below aims to provide a snapshot of the share price performance for each month. If one of the months is particularly volatile and you require more detailed information, we suggest that you use the Share Price Details Control Panel below to get the more specific data that you need. The beta volatility figure provided is the standard deviation of all the adjusted prices from the share price mean over any given month.

Share Price Monthly Summary
Month Average price High price Low price Beta Volatility
July 2015 Average 65849.5652ZAR High 67863ZAR Low 63073ZAR Beta Volatility 1410.17ZAR
August 2015 Average 64455.40ZAR High 67762ZAR Low 60099ZAR Beta Volatility 2763.79ZAR
September 2015 Average 68626.5714ZAR High 78000ZAR Low 60711ZAR Beta Volatility 6809.66ZAR
October 2015 Average 79733.4545ZAR High 84898ZAR Low 73200ZAR Beta Volatility 3359.95ZAR
November 2015 Average 86086.2381ZAR High 87800ZAR Low 84205ZAR Beta Volatility 1074.67ZAR
December 2015 Average 90934.5238ZAR High 96535ZAR Low 86967ZAR Beta Volatility 2620.96ZAR
January 2016 Average 96451.25ZAR High 98400ZAR Low 92779ZAR Beta Volatility 1923.76ZAR
February 2016 Average 93596.0952ZAR High 98641ZAR Low 88978ZAR Beta Volatility 2630.70ZAR
March 2016 Average 92803.30ZAR High 96490ZAR Low 89659ZAR Beta Volatility 1607.10ZAR
April 2016 Average 88186.30ZAR High 90104ZAR Low 86400ZAR Beta Volatility 1093.54ZAR
May 2016 Average 94569.2857ZAR High 99000ZAR Low 88833ZAR Beta Volatility 3354.59ZAR
June 2016 Average 91565.4762ZAR High 97518ZAR Low 84752ZAR Beta Volatility 3368.32ZAR
July 2016 Average 83361.1875ZAR High 84128ZAR Low 82606ZAR Beta Volatility 469.97ZAR

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