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Divisional key characteristics:
opportunistic and entrepreneurial.

Within this division, contributions come from three areas of operation:

Land and regeneration

Key features:
  • Translates green and brownfield sites into residential or mixed use developments
  • Highly profitable but complicated long-term business.
  • Involves negotiations with planners, local communities and councils

Major sites:
Kennel Farm, Basingstoke; West Waterlooville, Hampshire; Widdrington/Hadston, Northumberland

Residential development

Key features:
  • Uses group’s asset base, expertise or equity type funding
  • Often in partnerships with housing associations, local developers and councils

Major sites:
South London Hospital, Clapham; Macaulay Road, Clapham; Hornsey Road/Barnsbury, Islington, Smith Docks, North Shields

Grainger Homes

Key features:
  • Small scale niche house building mostly in North East of England
  • Produces consistent levels of cash and trading margins

Major sites:
The Kylins, Morpeth; Grangewood, Widdrington; Kingsfield, Seahouses; Omega Apartments, Birmingham

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